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M. M. Belhaj
Solar Energy Foundation Tripoli, Libya

M. M. Bara
Center of Solar Energy Research and Studies
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M. M. Alwerfaly
Center of Solar Energy Research and Studies


Humanity has realized in the modern age that the conventional energy resources are being depleted, and hence the research work worldwide has been directed towards finding alternative and renewable energy sources. Solar energy has proved its efficiency and flexibility in its investment and utilization in all fields and levels. Most countries have given their great interest in its use as a clean, environment friendly energy, in addition to its effective contribution in conserving local consumption of conventional energy, as well as its being the energy of the future, as it does not run out and its price does not rise with the rising prices of the other energy sources.

Based on the importance of housing to mankind in the availability of suitable, comfortable and economical house for the residents, and as the percentage of the domestic energy consumption is around 30 % of the total energy consumption in Libya, as an example, most of this consumption is in heating. cooling and water heating, many countries and energy concerned establishments have introduced research programs to develop ways and means of energy conservation calling for considering energy consumption patterns and means of its conservation in buildings in general and in residential buildings in particular.

This paper deals with studying and analyzing effective elements of energy consumption in residential buildings, starting from the architectural design up to the used appliances. The paper also considers chances of partial or total combination of solar energy systems and its use to solve the energy consumption problem through solar energy, or what is called green architecture, energy conservative buildings or environment friendly buildings. The paper presents a conclusion outlining environment suitable building in Libya and concludes with some recommendations.


Rationalization of energy consumption, Alternative Energy, Green Architecture

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"The possibility of integrating solar energy technologies (passive and active systems) in the residential sector for the purpose of economy and rationalization of energy consumption and protect the environment"