Solar Energy and Sustainable Development

Published by Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies, Tajoura - Tripoli-LibyaISSN: 2411-9636 (P) , ISSN: 2414-6013 (e)

Arabic Impact Factor - 1.26

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Wedad A. El-Osta

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The journal Scope/ themes are:

  • Direct and indirect solar energy technologies
  • Solar energy national and international plans and programs
  • Solar energy polices
  • Solar energy environmental and social impacts
  • Solar energy economics
  • Solar energy resource assessment
  • Design and sizing of solar energy systems
  • Solar energy system integration in buildings
  • Solar and low energy architecture
  • Solar energy storage
  • Distributed generation of solar energy
  • Modeling and simulation of solar energy systems
  • National and international standards of solar energy systems
  • Solar energy systems testing and evaluation
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Water desalination using solar energy
  • Solar energy and the environment
  • Hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and use.
  • Fuel cell technologies and use in power generation, transportation, ...
  • JSESD also, welcomes papers on other related topics as long as topics are within the context of the broader multi-disciplinary scope of the journal.

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