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Aida M. Ejroushi
Center For Solar Energy Research Studies
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Mohamed S. Smeda
Center For Solar Energy Research Studies

Faiz K. Bannani
Faculty of Accounting, Al-Jabal Al Gharbi University


Due to lake of standardized methods to design and validate sun shading devices in Libya, this study aims at developing a solar chart, which can be used as a practical and systematic methodology for designing sun-shading devices in the city of Tripoli. In order to achieve the objective of this study, this paper was divided into five sections. The first section is dealing with a focused literature review with respect to types of shading devices and their impact on the exterior wall openings, the position of the sun, sun’s altitudes azimuths and how to mathematically be determined; the sun charts, and the shading calculator.
While the second section was dedicated for the determination of the overheated periods over the year in which shading devices should be in place. The third section presents a computer software developed in order to automatically calculate the sun angles (Altitudes and Azimuth angles). The north latitude of 32.59 was chosen as a validation example.
By using the Statgraphics software, the output data were analyzed and illustrated in a solar chart that presents the equinox, summer and winter solstices. The resulted solar chart serves as a tool, which will jointly be used with the shading chart to design accurate shading devices for the chosen North latitude 32.59.
The fourth section explains the methodology of selecting an effective solar altitude and azimuth angles which an architect would on while designing sun shading devices. The fifth section, identifies and lists the methodology of designing each type of shading devices in the city of Tripoli. Libya. Finally, study conclusions were drawn, and further research studies were recommended to enhance the findings of this research paper.


shading, Solar control; Sun path diagram

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"The Solar Chart for Designing Shading Devices For Tripoli City"