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Asim Osman Elzubeir
Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Dongola, Dongola, Sudan
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The appropriate drying of crops is an essential step towards the minimization of post-harvest losses; further, the improvement of quality of products by drying, and hence an increase in the price, is of tremendous economic significance to the agricultural community. Among the several methods of long-term preservation of bulb onion (Allium cepa L.) dehydration is perhaps the simplest method that does not require sophisticated equipment or highly skilled workers. Traditional dehydration in the sun poses some problems, therefore, it is necessary to consider solar dehydration of onion. Different models of solar dryers had been developed and good quantum of research is progressing in most countries to propagate the solar drying technology for value addition of bulb onion. This review paper discusses reduction of post-harvest losses of bulb onion in developing countries using solar dehydration, special attention was given to Sudan.


Allium cepa L.; post-harvest losses; solar drying.

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"A Review of Solar Dehydration of Onion Slices in Developing Countries"


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