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M. J. R. Abdunnabi
Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies, Tajoura
P.O. Box 12932 Tripoli
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thermosyphon solar water heaters are the best choice to be utilized in residential sector to provide the required hot water in Libya. These systems are autonomy in operation and as a result require less maintenance and hence low operation and initial costs than active system. ln this paper, GenOpt optimization technique provided in TRNSYS simulation program is used for sizing Thermosyphon systems to obtain the optimum size (namely V/A ratio) of Thermosyphon system that suits Libyan families according to the weather and operating conditions of Tripoli. The typical hot water load pattern and quantity of the Libyan families are taken from a field study conducted on a number of solar system for a whole year. Whereas, the typical weather data are taken from five year measurements recorded at CSERS weather station.

The results showed that the optimum storage tank volume to collector area ratio of Thermosyphon systems is between 49-60 Lit/m2 for the most common collector characteristics ratio (equation!!) and the auxiliary heater set point temperature ranges from (45-60C). 


Thermosyphon solar water heater, TRNSYS, optimization

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"Optimum Values of Tank Volume to Collector Area Ratios of Thermosyphon Solar Water Heaters for Libyan Families"