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M.J.R. Abdunnabi
Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies, Tajura, P.O. Box 12932 Tripoli
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M. A. Musa
Libyan Atomic Energy Establishment


Solar water heaters have been in use for decades in many countries in the world that have less favorable climatic conditions for solar energy as compared with Libya. However, still there is no usage of such technologies in the country. This could be attributed to many factors including, among others, lack of clear policy and/or serious plans to establish such technology, cheap prices of conventional energy, and lack of environmental awareness.
The Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies (CSERS) of Libya has developed an excellent research and development program on national scale for domestic solar water heating systems. The national program started in the early 1990’s aiming at increasing public awareness. The program utilizes different ways such as pilot projects, studies, workshops, and reports to convince people and decision- makers of Libya about this subject and its benefits.
This paper attempts to suggest a strategic plan (win-win situation between government and people) for encouraging and helping wide spread (replacement) of solar water heaters nationwide based on economic and environmental pointers in favour of the replacement.
The suggested strategic plan is to provide 25% of existing houses in 2013 with solar water heating systems by 2022, with governmental subsidy of up to 65% of the system cost. The study has shown that every L.D. paid by the government will return with at least 2 L.D. after 10 years of investment without considering the money saved from the fuel savings, power plant installations to fulfill the demand, and the environmental benefits.


Solar water heaters, Wide-spread implementation, Strategic plan

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"Towards Strategic Plan for Wide Spreading of Solar Water Heaters in Libya"