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Ahmed S. Kagilik
Faculty of Engineering, Sabrata, Al-Zawia University, Al-Zawia-Libya
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Abduraouf M. Tawel
Renewable Energy Authority of Libya, Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Tripoli-Libya
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Many Libyan authorities proposed to investigate the possibility of utilizing a suitable terrain in Libya to add generation capacity of large-scale photovoltaic power plants. In this paper, the first grid-connected PV plant of 14 MWp which will be executed in Hoon city and supported by the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAOL) is presented. To understand and improve the operational behavior of PV system, a comprehensive study including the plant design and detailed performance analysis under a local climate conditions is performed. Using polycrystalline silicon technology, the first year energy yield is estimated and the monthly system output for this plant is calculated. The performance ratio and various power losses (temperature, irradiance, power electronics, interconnection, etc.) are determined. The PV system supplied 24964 MWh to the grid during the first year giving an average annual overall yield factor 1783 kWh/kWp and average annual performance ratio of the system of 76.9%.


National Program, Grid-connected PV systems, Design, System Performance

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"Performance Analysis of 14 MW Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System"

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