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Ibrahim H. Tawil
Centre for Solar Energy Research and Studies, Tripoli, Libya
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Khairy R. Agha
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Tripoli, Tripoli - Libya
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The electric energy demand in Libya has been growing continuously in various sectors due to population growth during the past few decades  and due to the economic projects expansion in Libya, which led to rise in the living standard and an increase in the energy demand per capita. Many studies and research have been conducted to face this growth in electricity consumption, and  to propose a clear medium and long term strategy for implementing renewable energy projects in the domestic sector to cover part of electricity demand and increase its contribution of power generation systems in the future, that will positively reduce the electric energy consumption and the emission of harmful gases to the environment. Solar water heating system is one of the most important renewable energy applications that can be used in the domestic sector, because hot water is main requirement for all citizens. This paper reviews the possibility of solar water heating in improving the energy demand management in Libya, by evaluating and comparing the current situation of domestic water heating which assume to be replaced  gradually by solar water heating systems until 2050 considering 2014 as a base year. The solar water heating system provides 70% of the energy demand for water heating. To avoid exaggerating the estimate and expectations a Logistic Function is used to estimate the spread of solar water heating technology in the domestic sector in Libya.  


Energy demand; domestic sector; water heating; solar energy.

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"Possibilities of Domestic Solar Water Heating in Improving Energy Demand Management in Libya"