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Salah M. Alabani
Centre for Solar Energy Research and Studies, Tripoli-Libya.
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This paper studies the manner of energy consumption in Libyan street lighting systems and general road section. It also suggests proposal system with two cases of operation for an attempt to apply the energy saving program by adopting an optimum method in order to decrease the demand of energy in this section and to reduce the use of uneconomic equipment.
The proposal system in this paper introduces the Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lighting technology to be used instead of traditional luminaries High Pressure Sodium (HPS). The proposed system is divided into two cases. The first case discusses the replacement of traditional luminaries (HPS) with energy saving luminaries (LED), while second case explains how integrating control node (dynamic dimmer) into LED in order to dim output lighting in streets will save more energy.
This study reaches a result that a significant amount of energy of %47 (about 1092.23 GWh/year) of total energy consumed in street lighting sector could be saved if first case is applied. Moreover, it suggests that more energy of %58 (about 1380.02 GWh/year) of total energy consumed in the same sector cloud be saved if the second case is adopted.


street lighting; LED luminaries; dynamic dimmer; energy; street lighting.

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"Energy Saving Potential of Dynamic Lighting Control in Street Lighting Systems in Libya"