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Yasser Fathi Nassar
Mechanical Engineering Department, Engineering and Technology Faculty, Sebha University, Brack, Libya.
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Samer Yassin Alsadi
Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie, Tulkarm, Palestine.
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In this study, wind speed and direction data provided by Meteoblue AG-Switzerland as hourly time-series for 16 years from 2000 to 2015 for selected three cities in Gaza Strip, are used directly to evaluate the wind energy in the three selected sites which are geographically presenting the entire Strip. Jabalia is located in the North of Gaza Strip, Deir-albalah in the Middle and Rafah in the South. The wind rose diagrams have been depicted by using WRPLOT view 7.0.0 (wind rose plots for meteorological data from Lake Environmental, 2011). The statistical analysis of the data shows that; Rafah city is the first candidate to establish a wind farm in the entire Palestinian territory. The reason that, Rafah has the highest wind energy potential than the other sites. The second reason is that Rafah is located on the border crossing to Egypt, which facilitates the transfer of machinery, experts, and reduces transport and communication expanses. In addition to low population density, which increases the economic feasibility of utilizing wind energy at this location for remote area applications. The analysis has been done for a large types of wind turbines types. Gamesa G128-4.5 WT, which is manufactured for classes I and II wind speeds with low cut-in speed, was selected for our project. The estimated annual energy is 15,962 MWh/turbine, with an average utility factor of 40.4%; to cover the shortage of 200 MW we need to 110 WTs. The required area for the wind farm is estimated to be 43 km2.


Gaza Strip; wind data; wind energy; wind farm; utility factor of wind turbine;

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"Wind Energy Potential in Gaza Strip-Palestine state"